.: Activities
The activities and objectives for which the society was established, is to bring a wide spectrum of social change through a collective approach with a well-defined focus and purpose.

THE FOCUS, by and large, is on the in-depth examination of such social processes, state sponsored programmes, and institutional operations as are concerned with the socio-economic well-being of the weaker classes. These classes may be broadly categorised as (1) the "poor" (2) the under-priviledged (3) the vulnerable, and (4) the handicapped. The "poor" who figure are from both the urban and the rural areas viz., the slum dwellers, the small and marginal farmers, rural artisans, fishermen etc. Improvement of the quality of life of the urban poor, particularly the slum dwellers by securing for them a minimum standard of living in respect of basic amenities is the first objective of human settlement policy. Today we have no meausre of "quality of life". We have no indices, no parameters to tell us whether our health and education programmes in slums are effective, whether the basic infrastructure would satisfy the minimum needs of the urban slum dwellers and whether by carrying out certain programmes the "slum" is becoming more livable from year to year. The under-privileged" are represented, among others, by women, children, and the aged. The "handicapped" are the blind, the deaf, the physically disabled and the mentally retarded.

THE PURPOSE may be described as the identification of the problems connected with the socio- economic well-being and progress of the foregoing categories and, tentatively, the formation of lines of action towards the solution of those problems. In this sense, the purpose will be problem-centred and action-oriented.