.: About Sosrac - History

This center was established in February 2000. The center was initiated to help the victims of torture and violence. This was the only centre started in Delhi with specific aim of helping and rehablitating victims of torture and violence. The center made a very modest beginning from one small room in NOIDA. Now the center has been shifted to Basti Vikas Kendra at Sriniwaspuri in South Delhi. This place has been allotted to us by Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The center has received support and guidance from IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) right from its inception. The center received initial funding from European Union (EU) through IRCT. The center has been receiving regular support from United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture (UNFVTV). The center is also receiving support, guidance and assistance from Center for Victims of Torture (CVT), Minneapolis, USA. The center has formal understanding with UNHCR, India office to provide help to torture victims. The center is receiving support and cooperation from several local Indian & International Non-Governmental Organisations to provide help to torture victims.

.: Mission
Little has been said and done to understand the problem and tortures suffered by individual, what to talk about providing remedial measures. It is a well-known fact that 25-30% of tortured victims develop post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety or sometime psychotic reactions and need skilled professional help.

The concern is for the physical as well as psychological health of the victims of torture and violence whose socio-economic status is pathetic and are deprived of even basic medical facilities. Neither the government sectors nor any private specialized centres have taken responsibility to provide medical facilities for these victims. Such victim gets succumbed to psychological abnormality very easily and the need for proper treatment in this regard is totally neglected. Ultimately this ignorance pushes them to lead an even more torturous and victimized life.
.: Beneficiary
The center provide services only to those local people, refugees and migrants who have suffered torture or violence either in their own country or during transit or in the country of refuge. The treatment is provided to all the torture victims without any discrimination on account of social, cultural, ethnic, economic or political background. It is to be noted that the information/data provided by the victim/s are kept strictly confidential.


1. Managing the Primary Victims of Torture & Violence
2. Management of Secondary Victims of Torture (Spouse, Children and close Family
    members) as and when required.
3. Assistance in social settlement in community of torture victims and their family.
4. Networking the Doctor's trained by Indian Medical Association as Counsellors for Torture
5. Organize public lecturers, workshops and meetings of NGOs working in the field of Human
    Rights and its violations.
6. Publications of the CENTER