.: Annual Activities - 1999-2000

This year has been full of activities, Society diversified further its activities. All the member of the Society has been very active. Last year our society had identified the area of torture to work. Our entire officer bearers worked very hard to evolve strategies to work in area of violation of Human Rights and help the victims of torture.

The work which was started last year to study Anganwadi in Rajasthan was completed this year. Many symposiums, workshops and lectures were organised. The executive committee meetings were regularly held and new areas of work were identified.

Major Activities of the year

1. Survey of 600 Anganwadis in the six districts of Western Rajasthan

The field survey of 600 Anganwadis in six districts of Rajasthan's Western Border was completed. This was a very difficult & tedious process. The survey was done in peak of summer, our field team did the survey in most professional manner and completed in a record time. The Agency who had awarded this survey NCAER (National Council of Applied Economic Research), praised our work. The proformas which were submitted by our team were flawless. This was one of biggest field work ever completed by our society. The office bearers worked very hard in coordination of the field work in Rajasthan and our society's office in Delhi. The team who did the field work also worked tirelessly as they were also away from the home during the 5 months period of field survey.

2. A Study of Torture Victims

C.A.N. (Concerned Action Now) a NGO requested our society to conduct a detailed study of Torture Victims. This NGO came to our society after seeing our interest in this field and availability of expertise in our society.

The study was planned to study various aspects of Torture Victims. We studied, the psychosocial details of the victims. Psychiatric morbidity among the torture victims, types of psychiatric disorders, Post traumatic stress disorder and to assess and quantify the trauma suffered by the victims.

The study was a very scientific and technically very difficult study. For this study we had to use various assessment scales and they had to be standardised for our setting in India. A very detailed proforma was prepared to record the psychosocial profile of the victims. The victims were interviewed at their residence. A team of Psychiatric Social Workers and Psychologists was made who visited and interviewed these victim. One Psychiatrist also helped in this study. He provided psychiatric care and management to those victims who were found disturbed during the study.

After successful completion of the study, a detailed report was prepared. The study was highly appreciated by all the experts. The most important aspect of this study which was unique that it not only studied the victims in details but also provided help and care to them.

3. Shubhodaya Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and Violence

The executive committee of the Society decided unanimously to initiate this center. The work to open this center was initiated last year. All the executive member worked together to make a modest beginning. A team of dedicated and voluntary professionals was made. The Center was inaugurated. The voluntary staff of the center started functioning and initial impact was made. The task of providing help to the torture victims, create awareness and to help in prevention of torture is a very difficult task. We hope to make an impact with the selfless efforts of the executive members.

The following workshops/seminars were organised:

1. Organised a workshop in collaboration with Indian Medical Association on 26th and 27th June 2000 for doctors who have been trained as counsellors for torture victims. A two days clinical training workshop was organised. A panel of experts delivered lectures. A visit to Tihar Jail was organised. The doctors had first hand experience of visit to Tihar Jail. They interested with Jail authorities and also with the inmates of the Jail.

2. Dr. Pradeep Agrawal Hony. President organised an Essay competition for lawyers all over India on "Torture and Indian Perspective," at Indian Medical Association. This essay competition was organised to celebrate U.N. Torture day in support of victims of torture on 26th June, 2000. This essay competition evoked a very good response among Lawyers.

3. Organised a public lecture on Torture and its consequences on 2nd March 2000 at Saharanpur during a meeting of I.M.A. Saharanpur branch. Dr. Pradeep Agrawal Hony. President delivered a lecture. This lecture was highly appreciated by the doctors.