.: Annual Activities  2001-2002

The Society for Social Research Art and Culture has been very active in organising various activities in the community. The following is the brief description of various activities conducted by the SOSRAC at the Basti Vikas Kendra, Private Colony, Srinivaspuri, New Delhi-110065.

1. Free Medical Services

The Society is running a free charitable medical services clinic at the B.V.K. The services are being provided by a trained team of medical doctor, nurse social worker. The patients are coming from Jhuggi-Jhopri camps surrounding the B.V.K. Private Colony and J.J. Clusters.

These patients are examined in details by the medical doctor with the help of nurse. The social worker also assists them in examination and treatment of these patients. All the services to these poor patients are provided free of cost. The poor patients are also dispensed medication free of cost. We also provide free first aid to all the needy and emergency cases. We refer the cases to government hospital who need more specialised care and costly investigations. Thus the center is providing free comprehensive medical services at the door steps of the people. We have received very encouraging response from the community. The people are very friendly. Till date we have seen more than one hundred patients at our medical center. The medical center is open to general public on all weeks days from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2. Counselling Center and Psychiatry Services

The center is providing counselling services and Psychiatry consultation to the needy persons of the community. We are specially targeting at the most vulnerable section of the community i.e. women and girl children. We are also providing family counselling services to both male and females. In the community surrounding our center these are lots of cases of domestic violence. The sufferers are females and children. There are no services available in the neighbourhood or in the government hospital for the victims of domestic violence. This is a pioneer work which is being done by our center to provide support and help to the females who have suffered in past and are constantly suffering in the present also. Till data we have provided counselling services to more than eighty (80) clients. These clients have been benefited immensely by the services provided by our center.

The services to these clients are provided by trained professional counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists. The services provided to these clients are totally free. The client in first assessed in details by the social worker and then examined by the clinical psychologist. After the review by clinical psychologist if need arises the patient is referred to psychiatrist. The psychiatrist examines these patients in details and prescribes the treatment and calls the patients in regular follow-ups. The medication prescribed by the psychiatrist is also provided by the center and that too is entirely free of cost.

The center has done a pioneer work in India, by providing comprehensive services to the Torture Victims. These torture victims are those victims who have suffered torture from state authorities. Till date there is no center whether in private or government sector, which is providing comprehensive services to the torture victims. Our center has lead in this field and has received praise and recognition like National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Women, Delhi Commission for Women Indian Law Institute but also from International Agencies like United Nations Voluntary fund for Torture Victims, United Nations High Commission for Refugees, European Union, OAK Foundation, International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims, British Council, Center for Victims of Torture (U.S.A.).

The center is receiving Torture Victims not only from Local Community but also from Refugee Community also. There are lots of refuges staying in Delhi who have suffered torture in their country which made them to free from their country. These refugees are suffering a lot, because they have already suffered Torture in their country an now they are in alien country where they cannot share their problem with any one. There was no one who was taking care of them. Our center initiated comprehensive rehabilitation services for these victims for the first time. These victims need very delicate and careful handling. It requires experts to manage these victims. A team approach is taken to help these victims. In this team social worker, nurse, medical doctor, psychologist, physiotherapist and psychiatrist take part. All these professionals work jointly on these Torture Victims. These victims are regularly followed up.

We have provided services to one hundred forty two Torture Victims, and one hundred, sixty-two secondary victims of torture. All the services provided to these victims are free of cost.

4. Drug De-addiction Services

The Society is providing free drug, de-addiction services on out patient department basis to the community members. These are large number of drug addicts in the slums and jhuggi jhopri clusters of Srinivaspuri. These drug addicts through wants to leave their habits, but do not find ways to get rid off their habits. We have started this clinic on every Saturday of the week. We have received very god response from the community. The alcoholics from the main group of drug addicts who have taken help from the center. Though we have also seen smack addicts and cannabis addicts also. The response rate among alcoholism and cannabis addicts is much better than smack addicts. Visually smack addicts require indoor treatment facilities. Those addicts who require such care, we refer them to government hospitals which have indoor treatment facilities.

All; the services provided to these drug addicts are free of cost. These drug addicts also need regular counselling and follow services of social worker and psychologist. These services are also provided free of cost to the addicts who have been able to overcome their habits ad are drug free.


"Torture and Doctrine of Compensation"

The Society for Social Research Art and Culture organised several meetings to create awareness and sensitisation of common man and professionals. The awareness regarding torture and Human Rights among common people in extremely poor, even the professionals are not well aware. The Indian Society as such is very tolerant and over a very tolerant and over a period of time they have accepted the torture done by state authorities as the part of their daily life. This situation can only reverse when we educate the public at large about Human Rights and Torture. To achieve this goal, Shubhodaya Center has been actively organising meetings, conferences & symposiums for different sections of the community.

The Society for Social Research Art and Culture organised a meeting on 13th December 2001, at Indian Law Institute. This was a panel discussion, where eminent personalities were invited to discuss the topic. The theme of the Panel Discussion was "Torture and Doctrine of Compensation". This topic was very relevant, as normally the tendency of the state authorities, whenever a torture case is brought to notice is to drag these cases in the court of law. If these cases are decided by the court in the favour of the victims, which is also unlikely in some cases, then a small amount of money is given to the victim as compensation. Through this panel discussion we wanted to bring the attention of the public towards various problems faced by the torture victim and majority of these cannot be compensated by money alone.

The panel discussion was organised to celebrate the World's Human Rights Day, which falls on 10th December. The panel discussion was inaugurated by Justice (Ms.) Sujata V. Manohar (Member National Human Rights Commission), Former Justice Supreme Court of India. The panelists were

  • Justice Sujata V. Manohar, Member, N.H.R.C., Chief Guest.

  • Prof. (Mrs.) S.K. Verma, Director, Indian Law Institute.

  • Mr. K.T.S. Tulsi, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India.

  • Prof. Umesh Kadam, Consultant, International Committee of Red Cross

  • Mr. Ravi Nair, Director, South Asia, Human Rights Documentation Center.

  • Dr. O.P. Murty, Addl. Professor, Deptt. of Forensic Medicine, AIIMS.

  • Dr. Pradeep Agrawal, Hony. Director, Shubhodaya Center.

    All the NGO's working in the field of Human rights were invited to attend. A large number of people from these NGO's attended the meeting. Lawyers who have special interest in the area of Human Right were invited, majorities of social activists were also invited to participate in this panel discussion. Media persons and other professionals like doctors, teachers, psychologists also attended this meeting. More than two hundred fifty people participated in this panel discussions. There was overwhelming response for this panel discussion.